Surf safe by changing just one setting on your phone

Inside every modern Android phone (version 9 and above), there is a new way to protect your privacy, a way to protect the kids from nasty content, a way to control apps, a way to put time limits on the Internet. Simply sign up for our free account below .

Instant protection with little setup

Block adult content with one click

Protect against malware and scams

Set limits on gaming and social media

Image of Android Secure DNS

Works with any device running Android 9 (Pie).

Android 9 has introduced a feature called 'Private DNS' which B9's FamilySafe takes advantage of.

What is private DNS?

DNS is the internet's phone book. It converts web addresses (eg. into their respective IP address (a bit like a phone number) (eg. Without DNS, we would have to memorise these IP addresses to visit a website. DNS does this lookup for us. However, DNS is not secure. Your browsing history can be tracked by your phone provider or other third parties, even when you're on a VPN.

So what can I do?

B9's FamilySafe solves this problem by encrypting these lookups so they can't be seen by anyone. Additionally, you have total control over what can be looked up on your very own private version of the Internet's phonebook. Block adult content, viruses, limit games and much more.

  • Block entire categories - or individual games and websites
  • Works with any device with Android 9 (Pie)
  • No software to install
  • Works on 3G, 4G, WiFi automatically

Get the low down on downloads.

When you use FamilySafe on the kid's phones, you'll be able to see what they're doing - as they do it. You'll get your own private dashboard to log in to. From there you'll be able to monitor exactly what is going on.

  • See what they're doing from the comfort of your armchair
  • See downloaded social media profiles and videos
  • Worried about adult content? You can see what they've been watching
Screen shot of the B9 dashboard showing downloaded images from social media
A chart of usage activity from the B9 dashboard

What else can FamilySafe do?

Centralised setup

Create time limits and restrictions from one central dashboard. What you set in the dashboard is reflected on FamilySafe protected phones and tablets.

Set rewards for good behaviour

When it comes to the kids, less time glued to screens means more time to do fun things. Make it happen by setting rewards for using social media less.

Thwart malware & viruses

FamilySafe prevents malware and viruses from coming into and getting out of your device. Clicked a dubious link? We have you covered, FamilySafe shields up!

FamilySafe HowTo video

Setting it up on your phone is literally a 30 second job. Just go into settings and then type the address we send you in your welcome email into the Private DNS box. It's as simple as that!.

Setup FamilySafe in under 30 seconds.

Can you change a setting in your mobile phone? You're hired.


Sign up for your free account

Sign up below for your free account by completing the questionnaire online. Your FamilySafe details will be emailed to you.


Setup the phone or tablet

Under Settings of your Android 9 phone, fill out the 'Private DNS' tab with the setting we email you. Your device must be Android 9 minimum.


Keep calm and use

Rest safe in the knowledge that FamilySafe is protecting your devices. Within minutes you'll be able to log into your dashboard and review the activity.

Get FamilySafe free now ...

All we require is an email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need an Android 9 phone or above as this version of Android has the 'Private DNS' setting. Once you create a free account, you will enter the server address setting we email you into this setting box. It's a simple as entering a web address, in fact it looks a bit like one eg.

Depending on manufacturer, it is under Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > Private DNS. In this box you will enter the server address we email you when you sign up.

Not currently, but Private DNS is making a lot of progress so we expect to see this setting appearing in Apple products very soon.

No, but in practice no more than 20 devices should be used per account. This should be more than ample for the average family/smart home.

Not currently - if you want to limit devices such as games consoles, look at our FamilyHub product, which allows you to set time rules on games and provides protection over a WiFi connection.

No, there is no software or app installation required. It works using the settings built into Android natively.

Any device with Android 9 will work. If your device was produced from 2018 or onwards, it will almost certainly have Android 9 (aka Pie) running on it.

What the customers and press have to say.

"With this device, parents can also limit their activity on social media, games and websites and set rewards for their children to use the internet less.




I'm so happy I came across this! it has taken a huge weight off my mind, especially with all the stories in the news recently.



Found the box easy to set up just plug and use. The dashboard is good how it blocks unsafe sites and keep the kids safe.