The B9 FamilyHub

A WiFi router that limits screen time, protects and monitors.

Watch internet activity in real time across every device in the house.


Whether its a phone, tablet or computer, every device in the house can be monitored in real-time from your private dashboard. Worried that the family are spending too much time on social media? You can see what is happening in real time using the Live View feature, plus you'll get charts showing you how many times a website or app has been used over any given time period.


Watch activity as it happens

Block or restrict activity by time or indefinitely

Adults use the original WiFi


The B9 FamilyHub protects computers, smartphones - in fact any connected device in the house.

Instant Cyber Protection

Because protection is provided by the router itself, there's no software to install and it can't be disabled or bypassed by tech savvy kids. Just connect to the FamilyHub WiFi and you're protected.

Thwarts Malware & Viruses

The FamilyHub protects your computers and devices by preventing malware and viruses from coming into and getting out of your home by using a continually updated list of known malicious destinations.

Separate WiFi for Parents

The FamilyHub might be perfect for little surfers, but not exactly ideal for the parents. Which is why the FamilyHub has its own WiFi signal - leaving the parent's WiFi untouched.

Just connect our FamilyHub hotspot to your existing internet router and you're done.

1. Connect the FamilyHub


Connect a single Ethernet cable from your B9 WiFi hotspot into a spare socket on the back of your broadband router and connect the power cord.


2. Join the FamilyHub WiFi


You'll see the FamilyHub WiFi in your list of WiFi networks. Connect the children's gadgets and any other devices to this new hotspot.


3. Surf safe


Rest safe in the knowledge that the FamilyHub is protecting your devices. Within minutes you'll be able to log into your dashboard and review the activity.


Try the FamilyHub for 30 days risk free

All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply try the FamilyHub for 30 days and if you like it, keep it. Otherwise you can send it back to us no questions asked.


The FamilyHub is easy to install and use, however you might have more questions about how it helps protect your children or how it can help protect other devices on the WiFi. If so, call us on:

+44 (0)203 026 0273

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm BST and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it replace my existing router?

No - it works along side your existing WiFi router that was provided by your Internet company. The FamilyHub connects easily with an Ethernet cable (supplied) to the back of your WiFi router meaning you can then connect devices to the FamilyHub that you want protecting and anything else stays on your existing WiFi.

What sort of WiFi router is it?

For the technically minded, it's a 300Mbps WiFi router with 5Dbi antennas. This means the speed of the WiFi is fast and the signal will provide excellent coverage.

Does it work with my BT SmartHub 6, HomeHub, Virgin SuperHub?

Yes, it will work with any existing router. We will provide you with an Ethernet cable and a quickstart guide that shows you how to connect the FamilyHub. You will need one spare socket on the back of your existing router to plug the FamilyHub into - you normally have four to choose from and they are coloured yellow. The FamilyHub plugs into any one of those, it doesn't matter which.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can connect?

No, but in practice no more than 20 devices should be connected for the best performance. This should be more than ample for the average family/smart home.

Can I connect devices such as game consoles, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo etc?

Yes, any device that connects to the FamilyHub WiFi can be protected - it can also protected wired devices by connecting them to the back of the three spare sockets on the FamilyHub.

Do I have to install any software or apps on my devices?

No, there is no software or app installation required. It works at the FamilyHub level, and it's the FamilyHub that is doing all the hard work filtering and blocking. This means you can have protection on devices that normally can't be protected, such as games consoles, smart appliances, WiFi printers and suchlike.

How is it priced?

The price includes protection for a whole year - after which the service will renew. You do not have to pay per device or for additional devices, just connect them to the FamilyHub and you're done.